Part 4: Just wait and see

So this last part is just kind of reminder that this whole process takes patience. As you begin to pay off your debts( while making sure you don’t take any more debts), you will notice your credit will start going up. So here is the thing, as you being to clear up debt unfortunately you will be tempted with more, since they will allow you to increase you limit.

This is where people begin to diverge on how to handle this new empty road. There are some people who say that you should not attempt to increase your credit limit because you may be tempted to use it up again. However I am one of the ones that say go for it but make sure you don’t use it. As you have a lower utilization it will help you in the long run. Since most cards only allow you to really ask for one credit increase every six months. Remember do not use this open credit to buy more, we are trying to clear up to make room for what really matters food and travel.

Well this is a short one be patient, have fun, pay it off. Don’t take on any more debt and you’ll be golden. See you next time


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