New Amex Offers

November 7, 2017

Checking my account today we have a couple of new and exciting offers on my Amex Cards.

Offer:, Spend $500.00 get 10,000 MR expires 12/31/17

Opinion: If you have any upcoming vacations and are able to book through you may be able to get a pretty nice return. At face value this is like getting $100 back for $500 spent. Obviously you may get a better return if used towards a transfer partner but either way you cut it it’s about a 20% return on spend. Remember that you just have to book the prepaid stay by 12/31/17 but you can stay any time you choose. Also make sure to double up and use either your Platinum or PRG card to get either 5x or 3x bonus points. I will definitely be using this one.

Offer: Shutterstock, Spend $29 or more get $25 back

Opinion: If you need anything from its a pretty goo deal. I believe their basic package starts at $29 dollars so you end up paying $4 after the $25 credit. Remember too that the original $29+ counts towards your minimum spend and that is what you will also get points on the credit doesn’t affect this.

Offers: Spend $50+ get 1,000 MR, spend $75+ get 2,500 MR, spend $25+ get 2,000 MR

Opinion: With the coming holidays you can get a pretty hefty amount of points for relatively cheap. Place your orders correctly and remember that you just have to spend that amount on your card – meaning it can include shipping and taxes, though most places won’t be charged taxes. So for $150 I will be able to reap 5500+MR thats pretty good in my book. Last time these came around I ordered from and and they were great wines for very cheap.

Offer: Best Buy, Spend $250+ get 2,500 MR

Opinion: In all reality this one is really only useable because it’s coming around for the holiday shopping season. Lets be honest for the amount you have to spend it’s not something that I am considering low hanging fruit.

Offer: Petco, Spend $25+ get 500MR

Opinion: For what you are getting it’s not necessarily a great deal but I mentioned it because of the fact that I actually had to stop by the Petco in order to pick up food for my dog, so getting bonus points it always a win.

Offer: Google Express, Spend $50+ get 2,000MR expires 12/28/17

Opinion: This one is great for so many reasons first of all its a really low hanging fruit we should all reach for, specially once you realize the selection of where you can spend that $50 in, oh and by the way you can do it in multiple transactions. For the holidays I used my Google Home to order some paper plates, plastic silverware, and napkins as well as other stuff for the house before everyone starts coming around and already made use of this gem.


Remember not everyone gets all the offers on their Amex. Best way to do it is have various cards and also to spread your card usage, that way you will be more likely to get things that will be useful to you.

Have any others you recieved that I may have missed please comment below.


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